The National Center of Public Health and Analyses (NCPHA) is a structure of the national healthcare system and carries out activities on: public health protection, health promotion and disease prevention, Information security management of healthcare.

In accordance with its main activities for health protection and promotion, the NCPHA
  • examines the population’ health status and its relation to environmental factors and living conditions;
  • conducts epidemiological studies and assessments of chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) risk factors;
  • participates in the development, coordination and implementation of national programs and action plans, as well as in international research programs aimed at promoting public health (including mental, reproductive and sexual);
  • carries out interventions, training seminars and publishes information and methodological materials; provides methodological preparation and control, collection, evaluation and classification, processing, storage, analysis and dissemination of information in the field of drug supply and demand;
  • performs exposure estimation and health risk assessment to the population from the effects of biological, chemical and physical hazards in the environment and in the workplace, and in food, by preparing appropriate recommendations; monitors the nutrition and nutritional status of the population and develops nutrition guidelines for certain population groups.
The NCPHA manages, controls, monitors and coordinates health information activities:
  • develops and unifies the medico-statistical documentation about the health status of the population and about the resources and activities of the medical establishments;
  • develops mathematical models and plausible forecasts for demographic trends and health status of the population; provides practicable and annual medico-statistical and economic information;
  • carries out activities for the development of a unified health information system and eHealth;
  • develops and implements a patient classification system and reporting and payment technologies;
  • maintains classifications, nomenclature, standards and methodologies;
  • participates in the implementation of statistical activities of the state in cooperation with the National Statistical Institute; maintains, updates and publishes health information standards;
  • organizes, coordinates and controls eHealth development activities; develops methodologies and models for resource planning and management for healthcare facilities;
  • develops, implements and maintains national coding standards in healthcare settings and monitors the coding process.

The mission of the National Center of Public Health and Analyses is to combine these diverse activities that contribute to better population’s health. All efforts of the Center's persons holding academic ranks, experts and technical staff are aimed at applying modern technologies in the field of public health and taking a leading position in the National healthcare system.