Analytical and Laboratory Activities Directorate


Director of the Directorate: Assoc. Rositsa Georgieva, MD

tel. + 3592 8056 248, e-mail:

The Directorate conducts studies to assess the impact of factors (chemical, physical, biological) on the living environment, work process and living conditions and lifestyle on public health and quality of life. Chemical analyzes are performed to assess the exposure and risk of chemical factors of the environment and the working environment, of natural and synthetic products containing mineral ingredients with specific biological action, determining the composition of food, cosmetics, general and specific migration of contact materials. food. To objectify the characteristics of the risk of biological hazards in the environment and the working environment, food and nutrition, microbiological analyzes of water, food, cosmetic products, soils, waste, etc. are performed. The Directorate participates in the development of the health strategy in the field of GMOs,validation and introduction of official control methods; conducts research through molecular biological methods in order to support the assessment of the health risk of harmful effects on the environment and nutrition. The Directorate performs measurements, assessments and analyzes of physical factors in the introduction of new technologies (including 5G) and sites with emission of non-ionizing radiation, new methods in medicine for diagnosis and therapy, therapeutic and non-medical (cosmetic) applications of non-ionizing radiation and ultrasound, laser equipment in the work environment, in everyday life and in the field of entertainment. The Directorate participates in the development of normative acts and the policy for protection of the workers and the population from physical factors; manages and maintains a national information system of EMF sources in settlements;summarizes and analyzes the results of the monitoring of non-ionizing radiation in the environment / settlements; organizes and methodically manages the national noise monitoring system and prepares the annual report on the noise load in urban areas.

"Chemical factors" , head of department: Vera Pavlova;; +3592 8056 387
"Composition of food and consumer products" , Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Anton Tachev, MD;; +3592 8056 343
"Microbiological Factors" , Head of Department: Vessela Georgieva, MD;; +3592 8056 235
"Applied Genomics and GMOs" , Head of Department: Prof. Tsveta Georgieva, MD; so-called; +3592 8056 239
"GMO Laboratory" , Head of Health Center: Prof. Tsveta Georgieva, MD; so-called; +3592 8056 239
"Physical factors", Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Mihaela Ivanova, MD; m.ivanova@ncphа; +3592 8056 220
Exact Control Body , Head: Ch. Assistant Professor Tsvetelina Shalamanova, MD;; +3592 8056 393