Access to public information

 The NCPHA provides access to public information on the basis of the Access to Public Information Act (APIA) and the

Internal Rules for Ensuring Access to Public Information of the NCPHA .

Application for access to public information
The application must contain the three names, the name and the registered office of the applicant. The application shall describe the requested information as well as the preferred form of access. The application must contain the address for correspondence with the applicant.
Sample application for access to public information

Forms for providing access to public information
The forms can be: oral reference; review and read on the spot all the available information on the question you are interested in; copies on paper or technical media; combination of shapes.

Written applications for access to public information are registered in the office of the NCPHP. The written application can be submitted in person at the office every working day from 09:00 to 17:00, and the received incoming number is proof of the submitted application. An application for information under the APIA can be sent by mail to the address: 1413 Sofia, Acad. Ivan Evstr. Geshov ”15, floor 4, Records of NCPHA. An application can also be sent to the e-mail of NCPHP: and, in which case an electronic signature is not required.

Access to public information is provided after payment, determined by Order № ZMF-1472 of 29.11.2011 of the Ministry of Finance, and presentation of a payment document. Payment is made to a bank account: BG 96 UNCR 96603119995319, BIC code UNCRBGSF, Unicredit Bulbank AD, UIC 176094665, NCPHA; at the cash desk in NCPHP or through a bank card at a POS terminal at the address of NCPHP.

1. diskette - 1 pc. - BGN 0.60 with VAT
2. CD - 1 pc. - BGN 0.60 with VAT
3. DVD - 1 pc. - BGN 0.72 with VAT
4. printing - 1 page (A4) - BGN 0.14 with VAT
5. photocopy - 1 page (A4) - BGN 0.11 with VAT
6. fax - 1 page. (A4) - BGN 0.72 with VAT
7. video cassette - 1 pc. - BGN 3.90 with VAT
8. audio cassette - 1 pc. - BGN 1.38 with VAT
9. written reference - 1 page (A4) - BGN 1.91 with VAT

For information and inquiries : tel. +3592 80 56 310 - office of NCPHA