Classification Systems, Standards and Innovations Directorate

I.d. Director of the Directorate: Petar Atanasov, di

tel. +3592 8056 327, e-mail:;

The Directorate provides a range of information services for various institutions operating in the field of healthcare. The Directorate prepares analyzes - for the condition of the healthcare specialists, for the need for specialists, the possibilities of the training bases and the possibilities for the specialists to start working in medical establishments. The Directorate supports the activities of health institutions in the implementation of programs for prevention and promotion of health and healthy lifestyles, participates in the development and coordination of national programs and national health strategies in the field of health policy. The Directorate analyzes the need to update medical standards for the quality of medical care provided and to ensure the protection of patients' rights,prepares instructions to the medical establishments on application of the approved medical standards, participates in the development of criteria and systems for evaluation of the results from the medical activity of the medical establishments.

"Financial Models and Economic Forecasting" ,
Head of Department: Petar Atanasov;; +3592 8056 327
"Classification systems and procedures" ,
Head of Department: Anita Neeva;; +3592 917 40 76
"Analysis and assessment of the state of healthcare professionals" ,
Head of Department: Anelia Nikolova;; +3592 8056 365