National Health Data and eHealth Directorate

Director of the Directorate: Assoc. Prof. Krassimira Dikova, MD

tel. +3592 954 95 79, e-mail:

The Directorate carries out activities for the information provision of the management of the health care system and the e-health care system. The Directorate manages, controls, monitors and coordinates the information activity in the health system and performs the functions of a body of statistics for the health system. The Directorate conducts statistical surveys in accordance with the methodology and requirements of Eurostat for the production of official national and European statistical information in the field of health. The Directorate participates in activities related to the unified health information system, health information standards, e-health. Participates in the design, construction and maintenance of health registers and coordination of data exchange with national, departmental and international databases.The Directorate develops, unifies and maintains the medical and statistical documentation for the health condition of the population, the resources and the activity of the medical establishments in accordance with the normative requirements of the PHA, in coordination with the NSI. The Directorate provides methodological assistance and monitoring of the structures in the healthcare in terms of information provision and medical documentation.

"Information Resources and Analysis" , Head of Department: Zlatina Popova;; +3592 91740 75
"Information Systems and Technologies" , Head of Department: Eng. Anna Ivanova;; +3592 91740 87
"Registers" , Head of Department: Raina Nikolova-Kutinska;; +3592 951 54 20