Specializations and trainees under Ordinance 1 of the Ministry of Health

Specialization programs

NCPHA is a basis for theoretical and practical training in specialties defined in Annex 1 to Ordinance №1 of 22.01.2015 of the Ministry of Health for acquiring a specialty in the healthcare system.

You can get acquainted with the training programs in the respective specialties:

Places for admission of specialists in NCPHP *

Specialty Number of places

Specialties for persons with professional qualification "doctor"

Non-clinical specialties

4 Communal hygiene 2
10 Social medicine and health management 4
15 Nutrition and dietetics 2

Specialties for persons with higher non-medical education

Non-clinical specialties

7 Medical informatics and health management 1
8 Medical sanitary physics 2
12 Medical sanitary chemistry 6
13 Sanitary engineering -
15 Toxicology (for persons with qualifications in the field of biological and chemical sciences, biotechnology, ecology, engineering chemistry, chemical, metallurgical and food technologies) 3

* The announced places are for a period until 31.03.2021.