OK Exact

The control body "Exact" of type C at the National Center for Public Health and Analysis performs measurement and control of environmental factors. The main purpose of "Exact" is to apply the methods of control and measurement, published in international, European and Bulgarian standards and other regulations and in the collections of NHMEH "Collection of methods for hygienic tests" - SP 8.3.1, meeting customer requirements regarding their quality and professional implementation. The quality of the work is ensured by highly qualified specialists through modern, high accuracy and well-maintained technical means. The staff of Exact is a leader in the development of measurement and control methods in our country.

The control body "Exact" type C is accredited according to BDS EN ISO 17020: 2005 to control:

  • electromagnetic fields in the working environment and settlements;
  • convection and radiation microclimate;
  • artificial lighting;
  • optical polychromatic radiation in the working environment;
  • classification of lasers by degree of risk - by provided technical characteristics;
  • vibrations transmitted to the arm-shoulder system and to the whole body in a working environment;
  • vibrations in living quarters;
  • noise in the working environment and settlements;
  • ultrasound.

Accreditation certificate

Exact Quality Policy

Declaration of impartiality and independence of employees

Prices of services: Tariff (according to Appendix № 1 to Art. 29a)


Head: Chief Assistant Tsvetelina Shalamanova, MD

Tel. +3592 8056 208 ; 02 954 11 72