Zdrave.net, 25.03.2020

Dr. Zahari Zarkov, Head of the Directorate “Mental Health and Prevention of Addictions” at the NCPHA, in a talk on mental health in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

- Dr. Zarkov, what is your impression whether it is easy for the Bulgarian people to go through this crisis?

- In this situation, which already affects every person on the planet, personally, in my opinion it is not correct to speak of "Bulgarian", "American", "Chinese" ... The human palette is extremely colorful in principle, there are hardly two people who to experience it all in the same way at the moment, what else is left for a whole nation. It can't be easy, it can't be easy either for everyone individually or for all of us as a whole. It is important to maintain our common sense, self-control, humanity, optimism. To see spring, though only through the window, to be able to rejoice in it, to radiate love and peace to our loved ones, compassion, concern and responsibility towards strangers.

You can read the full interview here