The WHO has released the Fourth Global Road Safety Annual Report 2018.
Information about Bulgaria is collected, analyzed and provided to the WHO by experts from the Ministry of Health (MoH), NCPHA, Ministry of Interior (MVR), State-Public Consultative Commission on Road Safety Issues (DOKKPBDP), Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications (MTITC), National Statistical Institute (NSI) and Road Infrastructure Agency (API). The National Center for Public Health and Analyses is the leading institution in the preparation of the data for our country.


The International report takes into account some stabilization of road fatality rates due to the effective measures implemented in some middle and high income countries. These include limiting excessive and inadequate speed, reducing the number of drivers who have used alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants, increasing the use of belts, helmets and child restraint systems, providing safe infrastructure, improving the standard of transport, timely and quality medical care, etc.
All this has led to a reduction in mortality rates in 48 middle and high income countries, as opposed to low-income countries where this has not happened because the measures have not been implemented.
The WHO draws up periodic reports on the state of road safety in the world, the previous one from 2015. They serve as a key monitoring tool in the field of road safety through the United Nations (UN) “Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020”.