People who protest against the strategy for the child have no information about their own past, says Assoc. Prof. Hristo Hinkov
Sega Newspaper, 11 June 2019 by Yanina Zdravkova

Assoc. Prof. Hristo Hinkov is a psychiatrist. He graduated in medicine in 1980. He was Head of the Department of Projects at the Ministry of Health and Deputy Director of NHIF in 1997-2001. He is Director of the National Center of Public Health and Analyees since 2015.

- Assoc. Prof. Hinkov, why do people in Bulgaria react so harshly on topics affecting children - the strategy for the child, the Istanbul Convention, but not on other topics?
- Because it affects their most adorable thing in the world – the kids. Woman is also found extremely adorable. If I cannot spank her from time to time, then something very intimate and valuable for me is disturbed – to be able to beat the woman. In the same way - if I can smack my child in order to manage to stick him to the right path, and certain people interfere with different conventions and strategies, I will also react in this way.

- Is not this explanation too simple? Most people who protest probably do not beat their children.
- I allowed myself seeing an irony on this phenomenon. The other rational explanation has several aspects - political, civilizational, generational - there is a change of generation from the last century with a new one, there is also a technological aspect. The political aspect: always in every epoch, different occasions and phenomena in public life were used for political propaganda. In this case, there are several pillars for people who would like to achieve a decentralization of the European Union from a civilizational and, if you want, from an organizational point of view. This is called a hybrid war. Its purpose is to divert the EU from the core values, on which it has built. These are humanism, human rights, freedom, democracy and protection of the weak.

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