A team from the National Center of Public Health and Analyses (NCPHA) carried out training related to the protection of workers from the impact of non-ionizing radiation. It was attended by specialists and directors of the Regional Health Inspections (RHIs), members of the management of the “Labor Conditions” Fund, representatives of the Ministry of Health, occupational medicine and companies. The training was conducted in two stages and at a different level according to the qualification of the participants and their interests in the field of non-ionizing radiation. The experts were acquainted with up-to-date normative documents of the European legislation, regulations introduced in our country regulating the minimum requirements for ensuring the health and safety of the workers at risks related to exposure to non-ionizing radiation - artificial optical and laser radiation, electromagnetic fields. The Practical Guides to the two Regulations, which can be used by both the employers and the Occupational Health Services, the control bodies, the control laboratories, etc., which have been published on the website of the NCPHA, have been mainly addressed.

Lecturers of the training were Prof. Michel Israel, Assoc. Prof., Michaela Ivanova from Physical Factors Department of the NCPHA  and Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev, Chief State Sanitary Inspector. The training is part of the finalized project of the NCPA "Training in the field of the European legislation for the protection of workers from non-ionizing radiation: electromagnetic fields, optical and laser radiation" financed by the “Labor Conditions” Fund through the Ministry of Health.
The training is the basis for improving the links between NCPHA and RHIs, which was expressed both by the specialists and the directors of the RHIs. The latter expressed their satisfaction both with the presented lecture material and with the fact that the NCPHA's Management has provided the opportunity for training on problems that are distant, complex and for which there is no other way to obtain adequate information.