Coordinator: Prof. P. Dimitrov, MD, PhD
Tel: (359 2) 8056 420, e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Participants: Assoc. Prof. N.Danova, MD, PhD, Assoc. Prof. D. Tzolova, MD, PhD, Assoc. Prof. A. Manolova, MD, PhD, Chief Exp. M. Vladimirova, Exp. M. Strandjeva

Joint action CANCON - "Overall strategy for the fight against cancer" is performed and co-financed under the Public Health Programme of the European Union. The main objective of the project is to contribute to improving the overall control of cancer through high-quality screening programs, better integration of oncological care, developing approaches to improve care for cancer patients in the community and ensuring concerted efforts in all aspects of survival, including reintegration and palliative care. These key elements will be combined with additional relevant aspects in order to develop a European Handbook for quality standards for successful and comprehensive strategy to fight cancer. The handbook is intended to serve the Member-states - in particular governments, parliaments, suppliers and funding health services, as well as all professionals caring for cancer patients. Digital and printed edition will be provided for these different groups.

There have been foreseen activities in different directions, including: management of the entire process; dissemination of results of the joint action; coordination of the document (ie the Handbook), development of a platform for cooperation and exchange of practices on topics related to cancer in the Member-States; development of recommendations that define legal conditions for organizing and integrating best care related to cancer in a given territorial area; development of patient pathways in primary care in the community with a focus on the intersectoral approaches; establishment of recommendations for the development of a customized plan of the process of rehabilitation and survival; and improve the control, organization and evaluation of screening programs.

The project activities are implemented in eight work packages. The NCPHA participates in the implementation of Work Package 7 - "Caring for cancer at Community level" and Work Package 9 - "Screening".