Assoc. Prof. Hristo Hinkov, MD is a psychiatrist; currently is Director of the National Center of Public Health and Analyses. He graduated in medicine in 1980, and received his master's degree in health management in 2002. He has specialized in Japan, the USA, the Netherlands, Belgium. He was the Head of the Project Department at the Ministry of Health and Deputy Director of the NHIF from 1997-2001. He was actively involved in the restoration of Bulgarian Medical Association (BMA) in 1990 and was elected to the governing bodies of the Union. He is mainly engaged in research and analytical and methodological work in the organization of health and psychiatric care, as well as in training and development of projects in the field of public psychiatry. He has a number of publications in scientific journals and the public media in the field of psychiatry and public health.

Assoc. Prof. Hristo Hinkov, PhD, MD
tel. (359 2)8056 331
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