NOVA TV, Temata na NOVA, 10/20/2019

Cannabis contains over one hundred active substances known as cannabinoids, and most of them are in the flowers, not the leaves. They have different effects on the human body, the key compounds being two:
cannabidiol, which is not psychoactive, and tetrahydrocannabidiol, which is psychoactive. In Bulgaria, cannabis is allowed for cultivation, but only when it has negligible levels of the psychotropic component. The TV show reflects the views of patients, legal manufacturers and others.
Comment on the topic is also made by Alexander Panayotov from the National Focal Point for Drugs and Drug Addiction at the NCPHA.
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This year, the WHO selects the topic of suicide prevention as a focus on October 10, marking World Mental Health Day 2019.`
Efforts are being made to raise awareness of suicide globally and the role that every person can play in preventing it.
Through the motto "40 Seconds of Action", people are called to be concerned about suicide. To be informed of what can be done to prevent suicide. To reduce the stigma associated with suicide and mental illness. Let's show people at a difficult time that they are not alone.
Every 40 seconds, someone loses their life to suicide. People of all ages and all over the world are affected. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-29 year olds. Previous suicide attempt is an important risk factor.
NCPHA joins the WHO's World Mental Health Day campaign. Press Conference on Suicide Prevention Day will be held on October 10, 2019 at the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency (BTA).
You can find out more information about WHO suicide prevention materials here.

BNT, “100% Budni”, September 30, 2019

What the myths and truths about the 5G technology are - Prof. Michel Israel of NCPHA commented in the studio.
Unlike the 4, 3, 2 and 1G network, 5G antennas are gratings-based and beamforming that can help by focusing a signal in a concentrated beam to point only in the direction of a specific receiver, Prof. Israel explained. If no user opposite, for example with a telephone or alarm system, these waves do not come, and there are no electromagnetic fields. The field at 5G will be about the same, the measured values, too. 5G does not introduce new energy, new emissions or more powerful than previous ones.
You can watch the whole show here, July 5, 2019

Heat stroke is the most common threat to human health, said Zornitsa Spasova from the NCPHA. It begins suddenly, characterized by a lack of sweating and body temperature above 40 degrees, shortness of breath, palpitations and possible loss of consciousness, and can be fatal.
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The National Center for Addictions (NCA) joins the National Center of Public Health and Analyses with Decree No.168 of the Council of Ministersas of 04.07.2019 on structural changes in the healthcare system.

During the initial period after the transition of the NCA to the NCPHA structure, the NCA website ( will continue to function in order to have adequate access to information until the updating of the NCPHA website is finalized., 25.06.2019

The better technology we have, the better we will live. The question is how do we use them, says Professor Michel Israel, PhD of the NCPHA in a conversation about the challenges and new horizons posed by the 5G technology, the potential risks and prospects for humanity
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